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1967 was a milestone in Canadian history.

On July 1, Canada celebrated its 100th birthday, and to close out the year celebrated the birth of condominium in the country, Condominium Plan CDE 100 was registered at the North Alberta Land Registration District Office in Edmonton, Alberta, on December 20, 1967 at 3:00 p.m. This 56 Unit townhouse complex heralded the first condominium development in Canada.

Brentwood Village is located in northeast Edmonton. The initial advertising for the project noted it was Canada’s first condominium and that Alberta was the first province in Canada to draft condominium legislation and provide regulations to run them. The developer, Murray Hill Developments Ltd. went on to describe the project as:”A new concept in carefree living”.

In 2005

702 Abbotsford apartment units were sold on MLS. 54 units failed to sell at first attempt.

What is a condo?

A condominium, or condo for short, is a form of housing tenure. It is the legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada for a type of joint ownership of real property in which portions of the property are commonly owned and other portions are individually owned. In Australia and the Canadian province of British Columbia, the legal term for this is known as strata title. In Qu├ębec, it is known as syndicates of co-ownership. Colloquially, the term “condo” is often used to refer to the apartment unit itself in place of the term “apartment”. This clearly signifies ownership of the property.

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